It's a well-known fact that Kobe Bryant was a bit of an alpha male throughout his 20-year NBA career.

To be a leader on five NBA championships and rank third on the all-time scoring list, you kind of have to have a dominant personality. However, there may be no better chart to show Bryant's alpha mentality than the one that illustrates the Los Angeles Laker legend's propensity to shoot in late-game situations, via Seth Partnow:

Seth Partnow

The chart illustrates the amount of field goals and field goal attempts to lead/tie a game with under 30 seconds remaining. Based upon the chart, Bryant took nearly 170 shot attempts from 1996-97 until his last season, the 2015-16 campaign. The runner-up in this category is Vince Carter, who took around 125 field goal attempts in such situations.

While Bryant's field goal percentage may not be great in this stat, it illustrates how much dominance he had over late-game situations throughout his career.