Former Philadelphia 76ers head coach Larry Brown played an undeniably huge role in the career of the great Allen Iverson. These two clashed heads on more than a few occasions, but in the end, there's no denying that Coach Brown was integral to the success AI achieved during his time with the Sixers and beyond.

Brown himself is well aware of the pivotal role he played in Iverson's career early on. As a matter of fact, Brown admits that he may have been a bit too hard on his young superstar. However, the 82-year-old former coach believes to this day that AI could have achieved much more than he did if only his head were in the right place:

“I was kinda relentless to think that if I there was something I think you needed to work on, I wasn't gonna let up, and that can be hard,” Brown said. “But my frustration with Allen was I didn't think he did all the things necessary to play at the level I thought he could have.”

For his part, however, Allen Iverson remains convinced that he was doing all that he can:

“All I was trying to do was get coach to understand and believe that I was trying to play the right way,” Iverson said.

It was at this point that Larry Brown revealed his biggest regret about his relationship with Iverson. According to the former Sixers shot-caller, AI actually had a real shot of becoming the GOAT:

“If I had done a better job of making Allen understand, then we might be talking about the greatest player who ever played the game,” Brown stated.

That's a pretty bold claim from Larry Brown. However, for anyone who was familiar with Iverson during his early days — both with his greatness on the basketball court as well as his notoriety off of it — then you might be inclined to believe that Brown may be on to something here.