Sixers news: Ben Simmons wants to meet with Lakers' Magic Johnson this summer to exchange 'big guard' secrets
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Ben Simmons wants to meet with Magic Johnson this summer to exchange ‘big guard’ secrets

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Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons certainly classifies as a ‘big guard’ standing at 6’10”. Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson can relate to him, given the fact that he is 6’9″. Now, the Sixers star wants to absorb some of Johnson’s wisdom.

Per Marc Stein of the New York Times, Johnson wants to share some of his ‘big guard’ secrets with the Australian born talent. Of course, in order to do this there are some hoops to jump through. In order for the meeting to happen, the 76ers, Lakers, and league office all need to give the green light.

Without going through the proper steps, this situation would have been considered tampering, which is bad news for everyone. Although, it would not be the first time the Lakers were fined for such a charge.

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Hall of Famer can be very helpful to the young talent. Johnson did not become a five-time champion and three-time MVP by accident.

The issue lies in whether or not all three necessary parties would be okay with Johnson teaching Simmons a thing or two. That is where this whole plan might fall apart.

Simmons is represented by Klutch Sports. That company also represents Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Because of all that complication, and the fact that the Pelicans want tampering investigations brought on to the Lakers, the 76ers will probably not be too thrilled about the idea.

The potential mentorship would happen over the offseason, so the conclusion to this saga is still in the distance. However, if Johnson is able to help Simmons, there is no telling how good the reigning Rookie of the Year can become.