Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid is a strong, strong man. Just ask Washington Wizards center Robin Lopez.

Lopez actually had a shining moment in Game 4 against the Sixers, as he rejected Embiid midway through the first quarter of the contest.

However, it didn't take long for Embiid to get his revenge when he muscled his way to the rim and over Lopez, who flailed from under the rim all the way to the 3-point line after being bodied by the Cameroonian.

Now that is certainly a hilarious scene worth of another look (or two). Joel Embiid is a dominant force under the paint, and RoLo learned that the hard way.

Kudos to Robin Lopez for trying hard, though. He succeeded in his first try, but against an MVP candidate like the Sixers star and MVP finalist, it's hard to get lucky twice or more.

For what it's worth, Embiid also suffered a scare early against the Wizards. He had to leave the game and head to the locker room for an apparent injury. While it's uncertain when he suffered the undisclosed injury, it is possible he sustained it following his fall when Lopez blocked him.

The Sixers are certainly hoping everything is fine with Embiid given his history of injuries that he has battled throughout his career.