Philadelphia 76ers No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz has now been announced as “out indefinitely.” He will be re-evaluated in there weeks as he works to recover from a shoulder injury.

Fultz started the season playing and in the rotation as one of the first players off the bench. He showed flashes of his talent, but ultimately the story surrounding him was of his shoulder injury, which caused him to drastically change his shooting form, resulting in a horrid scene from the free throw line and him essentially refusing to take jumpers in the flow of the game.

The results combined with his health caused the Sixers to pull him from the games and let him focus totally on his recovery, one that may now take longer than first expected.

The troubling aspect for Sixers fans is how often they've seen their No. 1 overall picks miss time due to injury. Both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid missed entire seasons, although both have been health and performing at extremely high levels so far this season.

Fultz clearly isn't his same self yet on the floor. A player that feasts on being aggressive attacking in the pick-and-roll has been made much more timid with no jumper at his disposal. It's likely for the best that he waits to come back until he is completely healthy.