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Stephen A. Smith calls Markelle Fultz out as pathetic, insulting for avoiding questions on injury

Stephen A. Smith, Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz finally returned to the court on Monday night after dealing with a mysterious shoulder injury that kept him out most of the season.

He played 14 minutes against the Denver Nuggets putting up 10 points, eight assists, and four rebounds. The biggest news story might have came after the game though when Fultz declined to answer any questions relating to the injury that still not many people have any idea about.

Stephen A. Smith on First Take took exception to the rookie not answering any questions on the injury and called him out for it.

“It was quite pathetic and insulting….You finally get to step on the court and show you are worthy of being the number one overall pick, the city gives you a standing ovation and your answer is to ignore the media as if your some entitled individual. Good luck in Philadelphia…It’s the stupidest thing I have seen from an athlete in a long time…It was a stupid thing for him to do and good luck in the future because you have now raised an eyebrow with the media in Philadelphia. This is a blue collar city, if you act like that you better have the game to back it up.”

It was actually a bit of a surprise that Fultz was cleared to play in Monday night’s game. There wasn’t even really any rumblings of a return this soon until the 76ers tweeted out that he would be available for the game.

If he can stay healthy, he is going to be a big key down the stretch and as the 76ers get ready for the playoffs.