Sixers video: Allen Iverson gives emotional speech to fans in Philadelphia
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Video: Allen Iverson gives emotional speech to Sixers fans in Philadelphia

Allen Iverson, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers icon Allen Iverson will always have a special place in the hearts of Sixers fans, and he had the chance to feel that love once again when he took the stage in Saturday’s Fan Fest.

Iverson, who led the Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2001, was emotional during the event, telling fans that he gave them everything that he had on a nightly basis and that he’s happy to see them appreciate all of his contributions to the team (h/t Ky Carlin of Sixers Wire).

“I always gave you all everything I had and the thing I love about you all is that you all appreciate that [expletive]. When I walk in that building, I always hear your voices. I always wanted to give you all everything I had,” Iverson said.

AI then compared his relationship to the fans to what NBA legend Michael Jordan has established with the fans of the Chicago Bulls.

“I think when it comes to Mike (Jordan) and Chicago, I think that relationship is built, but it ain’t nothing like us. This [expletive] legendary!” Iverson furthered.

Fans loved every moment of Iverson’s speech, as thunderous roars of MVP chants can be heard in the video. He may have failed to win a title with the team, but AI is confident that he did everything that he possibly could.

Regardless of how his career ended up, Iverson will always be remembered as one of the players who revolutionized the game of basketball, and it’s something that can never be taken away from him.