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Spurs are the only team in last 20 seasons to go 10-for-10 or better from deep in a half


Per ESPN Stats and Info, the San Antonio Spurs are the only team in the last 20 seasons to not miss a three in 10 total attempts or more.

The streak ended at 14 from 14 from beyond the arc, but its still spectacular what the Spurs were able to do. They are not known for being able to take or make many threes. In fact, DeMar DeRozan has more than cut in half his three-point attempts since joining the Spurs.

However, they do have capable sharpshooters on the roster. Bryn Forbes shot three of three, David Bertans hit four of four, Marco Bellinelli went five of five, and Patty Mills went two of two. The collective group could just not be stopped from hitting their shots from three-point land.

Sometimes, all it takes is a team to get hot, have great offensive flow, and with some luck, they’re able to knock that many threes down in a row.

The Spurs so far this season have really exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was apparent that after the Kawhi Leonard deal that the Spurs had gotten worse. But they’ve rebounded extremely well with the great play of DeMar DeRozan.

The pick and roll game with LaMarcus Aldridge and DeRozan is just so effective. Though neither of them are great three-point shooters, their ability to finish strong or with grace at the rim along with their fancy footwork make them so difficult to guard.

The Spurs are currently 24-18 on the season and currently sit 7th overall in the NBA’s Western Conference.