Spurs rumors: San Antonio could explore interest in Andre Iguodala on buyout market if Trey Lyles signing doesn't work out
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Rumor: Spurs could explore interest in Andre Iguodala on buyout market if Trey Lyles signing doesn’t work out

Andre Iguodala, Trey Lyles

The San Antonio Spurs could pull the trigger on an Andre Iguodala addition if the timing and circumstance is right, according to Jabari Young of The Athletic. Young conversed with colleague Omari Sankofa II of The Athletic, noting the Spurs could engage pursuit of the veteran Memphis Grizzlies forward if the signing of Trey Lyles doesn’t pan out as expected.

Despite being devastated by Marcus Morris pulling the proverbial rug from under them and choosing to sign with the New York Knicks, the Spurs did yield the benefit of $3 million in savings by signing Lyles instead, money they could use to sign Iguodala if the Grizzlies are unable to trade him by the deadline and choose to instead work on a buyout.

The Spurs could net Iggy’s services for a little less than those $3 million, and he could well be the missing piece with a defense-first mentality to be the perfect shoo-in for coach Gregg Popovich.

San Antonio was one of the teams that targeted Iguodala before he re-signed with the Golden State Warriors in the summer of 2017, and it’s unlikely that interest has waned, even if two years have passed.

The Grizzlies are simply getting a bit overzealous in what they’re asking for Iguodala, hoping to yield yet another first-round pick for a veteran who is likely playing his last few years in the league after several seasons slowed down by injuries and load management.

If Lyles fails to perform and Iguodala comes for the right price, the Spurs could pull a timely switcharoo … if another team like the Los Angeles Lakers don’t scoop him up first, that is.