Some things get better over time. Think wine, Tim Duncan, Frank Gore, or even the grueling hours of an NFL training camp. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is entering his 16th training camp with the team. By now, the 37-year-old isn't laboring over the practice, he's having with it. Perhaps, appreciating the limelight of his career.

The Athletics Mark Kaboly talked to the quarterback after Thursday's training camp, he said, after asked on if he's enjoying it.

“I am. I am enjoying it. Yeah, but a little more so this year. I am not sure why but I am.”

The storyline of the Steelers' offseason can't avoid the talk of the ridding of drama in the locker room. The mercurial, once bleach-mustached, receiver Antonio Brown is long gone after a lengthy series of dispute spanning Twitter timelines over the past year. Le'Veon Bell, his once trusty running back, is in New York after a contract dispute turned missed season.

It's fair to wonder if Big Ben's newfound fun stems from the lack of drama in the locker room. But, he's not devoid of weapons on the team. The Steelers, as they always tend to do, again have a star receiver in JuJu Smith-Schuster. Their running back, James Conner, filled in nicely for Bell in his second season. So much so, he was named a Pro Bowler.

It's clear the Steelers are Roethlisberger's team, and he's enjoying it. Even if, he has to go through the rigors of Mike Tomlin's camp for a couple more weeks.