The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals are known for having a heated rivalry but according to Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, the ante might have been upped on Sunday. Smith-Schuster claimed that Bengals defenders were making major threats at him.

“They were all making threats at me. Dropping f-bombs. Everything. (Vontaze) Burfict was out there lying saying I spit on him, which I didn’t,” said Smith-Schuster via USA Today Sports. “Most physical game I’ve been in.”

It's a bit ironic that Burfict is claiming that Steelers players are doing things they aren't, because it's usually Burfict who is the one getting himself in trouble.

In 2016 Burfict laid a big hit on Antonio Brown that knocked Brown out of the game and caused Burfict to be suspended for three games.

In Sunday's game, Burfict also laid a big hit on Brown which probably didn't need to be thrown. A flag wasn't thrown on the play but it wouldn't be surprising if he gets a letter from the league office later this week.

This story probably won't end here and as long as Burfict is on the team, there is a good chance that there is going to be words exchanged between the Bengals defense and the Steelers offense. The two teams will meet again in the final regular season game of the year at Heinz Field and there is no question that this will be a big talking point heading into the game, as long as Burfict isn't suspended for the game.