Steelers news: Mason Rudolph reacts to Pittsburgh fans booing him
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Steelers QB Mason Rudolph reacts to Pittsburgh fans booing him

Mason Rudolph, Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph said he had no issue with the fans booing him and the team after the slow start. Rudolph threw an interception on the first drive, they had a turnover on downs on the second drive, and the third drive ended in a punt. During the fourth drive already down 14-0, the team was struggling to move the ball and the boo birds made an appearance.

After the game, Rudolph said he appreciated the boos because it means the fans haven’t given up on the team and they still have high expectations.

“I would’ve booed that performance too. We were coming out slow. This is the Pittsburgh Steelers. There’s a standard here,” Rudolph said via Pro Football Talk.

After the slow start, Rudolph bounced back, throwing for 251 yards and two touchdowns. There might have been some nerves early in the game after suffering a concussion the last time he was on the field, but he said going forward he is going to continue to play a physical game.

“I took some early. It didn’t phase me really at all”, Rudolph said of getting hit via Steelers Depot. “I think it’s good to get that first one in and handle it and move forward. I’m never going to shy away from contact. I’m going to try to play the position as physical as I can. I guess it was good in a sense to put it behind me, get the first one in, but I never thought about it twice moving forward”.

The win over the Dolphins moved the Steelers to 3-4 and there is some hope they can still climb into the playoff race.