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Steelers OL Maurkice Pouncey’s suspension reduced to two games


The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns got into a massive brawl on Thursday Night Football in Week 11.

Since then, the suspensions and fines have been thrown around, and appeals have been plentiful.

One of the biggest suspensions came at Pittsburgh’s star center, Maurkice Pouncey. Pouncey was given three games for his part in the fight.

However, that suspension was appealed, and they reduced it to just two games.

Still, two games is pretty significant. Especially for a team like the Steelers. They are in a position now where they can’t really afford to lose any more games.

Pittsburgh started the year 1-4, but went on a four game winning streak to boost their record to 5-4. After their defeat to the Browns last week, Pittsburgh is now 5-5, and barely clinging to postseason hopes.

Now they need some wins to keep themselves from digging into another hole.

The positive is that the two games Pouncey will be missing are still winnable. First is the Cincinnati Bengals, the only team without a win this year. The other is against the Browns again.

While Cleveland is on a two-game winning streak, they will also be feeling the disciplines of the fight. Myles Garrett is most notable in this fight, as he is currently suspended “indefinitely” and that suspension was upheld.

Pouncey has been with the Steelers since his rookie year of 2010. He’s been a constant star on their offensive line and a leader on and off the field. So even with those two games not being the hardest on their schedule, it still hurts not to have him out there.

If Pittsburgh can find a way to win without him though, their playoff hopes won’t be dashed just yet.