Steelers video: Rashard Mendenhall goes ham on fans
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Rashard Mendenhall goes ham on those still criticizing him over a Super Bowl fumble


Ask a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers about Rashard Mendenhall’s fumble during Super Bowl LIV, and he will probably lose his marbles over it. It was such a vital fumble that cost the Steelers their seventh trophy. However, Mendenhall is more than aware of his fault and would not let anyone remind him that again and again.

The retired running back took to his Twitter account to address his critics directly. He posted a video of himself doing a bit of light workout in his backyard with music blasting out of the speakers. It seemed like he was just winding down on his workout when the video started.

The former Steelers back then walked towards the camera, turned off the music, and went on a tirade that was completely laden with expletives.

“Yo, cool out with that fucking fumble shit unless you ready to say it to my face. Unless it really means that much to you because it means that (NSFW) much to me. You don’t know shit about football; you ain’t never put a (NSFW) helmet on. So cool out, keep watching TV. Enjoy your fucking couch, man. Get out the field.”

Pretty choice words for the 32-year-old, but it’s clear with his message that he’s tired of people talking him down for the fumble. He made it clear that the fumble cost him and the Steelers a Super Bowl ring, but throwing the blame doesn’t change the past.

Mendenhall was actually playing the best football of his life the season they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. He rushed for 1,273 yards and 13 touchdowns that season, easily making it the best season in his six-year career. You can also point to the fumble as the sole reason for his fall from grace as his performance immediately dipped afterward.