Stephen Curry has been out these past few weeks due to a groin injury. Today, he makes another headline as he was involved in a car accident in Oakland. Information is being updated as it becomes available.

In an article from ABC News,

The crash happened just before 9 a.m. on Westbound Highway 24 on the Oakland side of the Caldecott Tunnel.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman said Curry was hit twice; first a car spun out and hit him, then a second car rear-ended him. Curry’s Porsche was damaged. But everyone, including Curry, appears to be okay.

Fortunately for the Warriors, the accident seems to not have any negative effects on Curry or his lingering injury. They would like to have him back as soon as possible given the struggles they have had since he has been out.

The Warriors are on a four game winning streak — a first in the Steve Kerr era– which not surprisingly coincides with the time that Curry has been unavailable.

Viewing this from a lighter perspective, imagine getting out of your car to exchange insurance information after an accident, then walks out Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. Would be a heck of a shocker.