Steve Austin is a legendary WWE wrestler. As he is better known, Stone Cold, is a true icon of the sport, putting his mark on the great Attitude Era of professional wrestling. Despite being officially retired since 2003, Austin has been one of the most popular people connected with both WWE as a company and pro wrestling as a business, as his merchandise can be seen at WWE events all the time. Now, a few years after making his last appearance in a fight, there are rumors of a possible comeback. With that said, let's look at the one person supporting him most to make that comeback. Let's talk about Steve Austin's wife, Kristin Austin.

Steve Austin's wife Kristin Austin

This is actually Steve Austin's fourth marriage. Truth be told, his history with marriages has not been smooth and free of friction. While he has had some good relationships in his life, including his second marriage that resulted in all of his three kids, Austin mostly had poor relationships and marriages. For instance, he was charged with assault in 2002, as his then-wife Debra Marshall called the police to their home. Additionally, in March 2004, he was also accused of assaulting Tess Broussard, his then-girlfriend. No arrest was made, but with Austin's reputation, the prevailing view was that there was something to the incident. Yet, since he married Kristin, it seems like the problems and the downward trajectory disappeared. Let's see how the relationship with Kristin helped Stone Cold become a better person, certainly a public figure with fewer painful public problems.

Not much is known about Kristin before she married Austin. From what we can gather, she was just a regular woman, staying out of the public eye, before she met Stone Cold. In 2009, they got married in a private ceremony with no fanfare, as it was limited to family and friends. Truly, the relationship and marriage between the two are very private, but we do know that Austin spoke about how important Kristin has been in his life.

When they met, Austin was still reeling from a lot of issues in his private life. According to The Famous People, it was Kristin that helped Austin go away from the burdens and stresses that weighed heavily on him, like the injury that kept him out of wrestling and made him look at life in a different light.

When it comes to seeing things in a different light, Steve Austin shared a story that will definitely change our outlook on the Texas Rattlesnake. While his WWE persona was this tough, alpha male which at times bordered on cardboard caricature and had a very flat one-dimensional quality without much of any texture and nuance, things at home might be different for a man who shows signs of evolving and freshly reconsidering everything there is to explore about life. People learn and grow at different speeds, and they also make realizations about certain aspects of their lives at points in time which are either much earlier or much later than many others. No two people learn at the same rate, and it's no difference for a WWE legend. The public might not immediately see this, but when we think about the complexity of life and the pressures of stardom in any field of endeavor, it makes sense that a public figure might not immediately be as simple as the outward image presented to the wider culture. There's a lot more going on in private behind the scenes, and the surface is not a full reflection of what's actually going on in a household:

In a story that Steve Austin shared with Essentially Sports, he spoke about the time his wife wanted to go to a salon. He said:

My wife says to me, ‘we gotta get go a manicure-pedicure’. And I said, ‘well, I don’t know about that’. She goes, ‘No Steve, you’re gonna get a manicure-pedicure’. When my wife says Steve you’re gonna get a manicure-pedicure, you know, I’m the man of the house and all that macho bullsh*t but when Kristin takes that tone, next thing you know, there we are walking into the damn salon.

Now, with Austin's return to WWE possible, we know that Kirstin Austin will have a lot to say in that argument. Stone Cold has only wrestled once since his retirement in 2003, a match with Kevin Owens during Wrestlemania 38, but a return has been rumored for a while now. With a lot of WWE fans excited about Stone Cold returning to the sport, we certainly hope that he will get that support from the person he credited with turning his life around.

That is all we know about Steve Austin's wife, Kristin Austin.