Did the Phoenix Suns emerge as the biggest winners of the NBA trade deadline thanks to their blockbuster coup on Kevin Durant? More than a few folks out there would comfortably agree with this notion. Well, if you ask former NBA big man turned ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, this landscape-shifting move by the Suns comes with some major implications not only for the organization but for KD's legacy as well.

According to Big Perk, the Suns have no other choice but to win the title this year. Anything less would be considered a failure in Perkins' book:

They have to win a championship this year,” Perkins said. “… Not next year, not the year after next, this year it's championship or bust. And you talked about legacy, KD's legacy is on the line.

“… Despite what he did with Golden State, it's always gonna be question marks about that. He left Golden State (when he) had an opportunity to win a couple more championships. He teamed up with Kyrie, then all of a sudden became the biggest disappointment in NBA history. And now you leave again and you going to join Devin Booker and Chirs Paul.”

Perkins did not hold back here. He clearly believes that there is a ton of pressure on Kevin Durant's shoulders right now to bring a championship to Phoenix. The Suns pretty much gave up their entire future to get KD, and as Big Perk points out, they expect an immediate return on their investment.

We all know that Perkins and Durant have a bit of history. Not only were these two former teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but they have had some fiery exchanges on social media through the years. It wouldn't be surprising if KD claps back on Perk again after this bold take.