Upon hearing the controversy surrounding Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, which highlights several racist comments and toxic workplace culture, Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash couldn't help but express his disappointment to the development.

Nash admitted that he hasn't had negative experiences with the Suns owner, but he pointed out that he is sensitive to such issues and suggested he won't tolerate it if true.

“It was sad to read. That hasn't been my experience with Robert. But I'm obviously very sensitive to those type of situations. So disappointing that that's out there,” Nash said, per Brian Lewis of New York Post.

Steve Nash spent the majority of his career with the Suns, so it's only natural for him to be affected with the recent allegations surrounding the franchise and Sarver. Not to mention that he has some relationship with Sarver, having played for him in his second stint with the team and even being business partners–Nash is part of the Sarver-led group that bought Spanish football team RCD Mallorca.

For those not in the know, Robert Sarver was the subject of a recent ESPN bombshell story that reveals allegations of racism and misogyny. One of the most talked-upon part of the report was how Sarver used the n-word in a rant about Draymond Green.

It remains to be seen how the NBA will address the issue, but an investigation has already been started to find the truth. For now, however, Sarver and the Suns have been on the receiving on of major backlash.