Texans news: J.J. Watt pokes fun at his brother T.J. Watt for cutoff shirt
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Texans’ J.J. Watt pokes fun at his brother T.J. Watt for cutoff shirt

J.J. Watt, Texans

The Watt brothers are a national treasure. The eldest one, J.J., proved why on Sunday. After beating the Kansas City Chiefs, the Houston Texans defensive end decided to tune into “Sunday Night Football” between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Chargers.

The primetime game featured two familiar faces for J.J., his younger brothers: T.J. and Derek. T.J. is an outside linebacker for the Steelers, and Derek is a fullback for the Chargers. Of course, in watching the two dual, he had to roast them, specifically T.J.

On Twitter, J.J. had to critique T.J.’s sleeve cutting skills, as he noticed a jagged pattern on his very obviously homemade sleeveless Steelers t-shirt. Said J.J., “Did TJ bite the sleeves off that shirt? Somebody teach the kid how to use scissors jeez.”

Of course, J.J. was also watching the Houston Astros and New York Yankees game, because who isn’t that resides in Houston?

Though T.J.’s shirt-ripping skills didn’t win the day, his Steelers certainly did. In Los Angeles, Pittsburgh bested Derek’s Chargers. In the process, T.J. made an impact as a pass-rusher, reeling in a half-sack and four quarterback hits.

Unfortunately for Derek, losing to T.J.’s Steelers means both of his brothers beat him in 2019. In Week 3, J.J.’s Texans visited Los Angeles and left with a 27-20 win; while doing so, Watt amassed two sacks. At least his t-shirt cutting skills aren’t as bad as T.J.’s, who really needs to visit a tailor the next time he decides to make a custom t-shirt, at least, according to his brother.