Once again, the Portland Trail Blazers will be faced with a difficult decision at the NBA trade deadline. Despite the fact that Damian Lillard has stated several times that he does not want to leave Portland, there have been numerous rumors that he may be dealt to a different team at the deadline.

It is questionable why he does not want to leave this team, given they have not done nearly enough for him in comparison to what he has done for them. Lillard has given everything he has and has remained faithful throughout the team’s numerous challenges. This is something that is not often seen amongst other stars.

Portland has not repaid him. They have put out the same roster over the previous several seasons and refuse to make any changes in order to become a championship-caliber team. It does not make sense, especially from a front-office standpoint. They have one of the best players in the NBA, but do not do anything to win a championship.

Despite the fact that he appears to want to stay in Portland, Lillard is a player that might be dealt during the deadline, and there are a few reasons why the team should consider doing so. They have not done enough to justify keeping him around and making him happy, not just because they can get an unbelievable return for him, but also because they haven’t done enough to win a championship with. him. The way they have handled him for the past few years has been a major disappointment, and it is something the front management needs to consider.

Let’s take a look at two reasons why the Blazers should think about trading Damian Lillard this season.

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Why The Blazers Should Trade Damian Lillard

2. He can get back a massive return that will help a rebuild that seems inevitable to happen sometime soon

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From an organizational standpoint, it seems inevitable that the Blazers will have to rebuild at some time. Damian Lillard is simply too talented of a player to be part of a rebuilding process because the package they will receive for him will be enormous. Many young players, with the potential to be stars in this league, as well as multiple first-round draft picks, may be included. He will certainly be one of the top-ten biggest returns of any NBA player ever, and if they are going to go through that rebuilding process, which appears to be quite likely, it makes sense for them to deal him.

1. He has given Portland more than they have given him

The most important reason for Portland to decide to trade Lillard is that what they are doing to him is unjust. What he has done for this organization during his career should have prompted them to seek more players to surround him with who can assist him. He is one of the best guards in NBA history, and the fact that they have not done anything for him is absolutely inexcusable. They must realize that they have not given him what he has given to them. If the Blazers want to be successful in the future, they must consider really bringing in players and making it fair for Lillard.

He is one of those guys who are clearly skilled enough to be the number one option on a championship team, but Portland has consistently failed to surround him with the appropriate teammates. Damian Lillard is one of the few superstars in NBA history who has been treated unfairly by a team, and he is also one of the rare ones who has been more devoted to the team than they are to him.

What he has had to go through in Portland is completely unfair. All of the other teams with players capable of leading a team to a title have usually gone out and made moves to try to complete the task. Portland hasn’t done much, and there are plenty of areas in which this club can improve.

They have had CJ McCollum next to him for the past several seasons, and it has been evident for a long time that he is not the player who should be next to Lillard.

Lillard should have a shot to win an NBA championship, and Portland is currently not the right environment for him to do so.

It is tough to ever justify trading a top-10 player in the NBA, but if the Blazers are not going to help him out and make some moves, they need to get a deal done and let him go be great somewhere else.