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Actor Bill Murray reacts to cameo on Michael Jordan docuseries

Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, The Last Dance

ESPN’s mega-hit docu-series “The Last Dance” — on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls — has been so massively successful that even the biggest celebrities have been talking about it. This includes Academy Award-winning actor Bill Murray who admitted that he was excited to see himself make a brief cameo on Sunday night’s latest episode.

Speaking on a recent interview on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — while taking a bubble bath — Bill Murray shared how he reacted when he saw himself on the show, albeit just for a fleeting moment.

“It’s fun,” Bill Murray said, via Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune. “I’ve actually seen myself in the background (and shouted): ‘There! I’m in the background! Right there! … Stop, play that back!’ ”

Bill Murray has been in more than a few films, but it’s quite hilarious how he still got so excited about that brief cameo on “The Last Dance.” Sunday’s episode featured Jordan’s filming of “Space Jam” in 1995, wherein Murray was one of his co-stars.

Bill Murray is a Chicago native and a huge Bulls fan, and he also discussed what type of impact this show has had on him and on other Chicago fans — at least what he thinks.

“That was an exciting time to be Chicago Bulls fan, to be Chicagoan,” Murray said of the 1984-to-1998 era of Bulls basketball the series covered. “It’s a great thing and it’s very fascinating to watch, but it’s too much for some people. They can’t take both (weekly episodes) back to back. It sort of knocks them out. Some, they become exhausted — but it takes … a lot out of people who watch it.”

The final two episodes of the groundbreaking series will air on Sunday, and like the rest of us, Bill Murray is probably feeling bittersweet about how the show will now be coming to an end.