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Michael Jordan is a prisoner to capitalism, claims Craig Hodges

Michael Jordan, Bulls

Former Chicago Bulls guard Craig Hodges has once again opened up about his thoughts on “The Last Dance” as well as on his former teammate, Michael Jordan. According to Hodges, he believes that to some degree, Jordan has become a prisoner of his own success.

“Well, when I look at MJ, he’s a product of his success,” Hodges stated, via Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype. “Sometimes, that success can be a prison for you… In two prisons actually. America was a prison for black people, and now you’ve been incarcerated through capitalism on a whole different level. So it’s cool for the entertainment value of it, but I think it’s been somewhat divisive as far as in line with what we need right now as both the people and the world.”

Hodges’ statement here is in line with last Sunday’s episode of “The Last Dance” which depicted Jordan as a prisoner in his own hotel room. Hodges attests that this was indeed the case for Jordan, and that this was primarily brought about by capitalism.

Previously, Hodges took offense to Jordan’s comments about Chicago’s “traveling cocaine circus.” Hodges was not even with the Bulls during the time of this alleged drug binge, but the two-time NBA champ made it a point to clear up that he did not partake in whatever illegal activities were going on back then.

“So, a lot of things as far as partying and going out and hanging and gambling and all that, I didn’t do that,” Hodges said. “I was cordial, I’m respectful. Still, to this day, I’m respectful. I just want to know why some of the things are going on and why you feel like, at this point in your life, you have to throw your teammates under the bus? You know what I’m saying? I understand how you feel like you have to motivate people, but is that your responsibility? I was in those circles at the time. When you have athletes who want to be overbearing, oftentimes that overbearing is because they have some insecurities of their own.”

Hodges is obviously unhappy about Jordan snitching on his former teammates. Then again, he claims above that he had no involvement whatsoever in the same. So perhaps it would be best for him to stop talking about it or sooner or later. Especially considering his bitterness might get misinterpreted as an admission of guilt.