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Oklahoma City Thunder’s NBA 2K17 player ratings have been leaked

It is that time of the year again where we are only a few weeks away from the release of NBA 2K17.

In honor of that, there have been all kinds of leaks going out about the player ratings for the game. The latest leak shows a look at the Thunder‘s top four players in the game.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who pays close attention to the Thunder that their top dogs are Russell Westbrook, Enes Kanter, Steven Adams, and Victor Oladipo.

Below is a look at how well these four are rated in the game.

Thunder 2k17 Player Ratings

Westbrook gets a pretty good rating in this year’s version of the game. He is one of the highest rated players, only behind LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Adams is one player who gets a big jump for the Thunder, probably thanks to his big postseason. It should be no surprise if the seven foot Kiwi is able to up his inside game as the year goes on, as there is no doubt that he is working closely with Kanter this offseason.

Maybe the most surprising of these ratings is that Oladipo’s inside game is not higher. He has a great ability to get to the rim and make plays. Him and Westbrook should make a great alley-oop duo in 2K this year as both of them have the speed and strength to throw it down.

The interesting question is about who will 2K rate as the 5th best player of the Thunder. After these four the team takes a bit of a drop off and the rest of the names on the roster are mainly role players.

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