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Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Caris LeVert, Nets trade

This Hypothetical Nets Trade Gives Kyrie Irving-Kevin Durant A 3rd Superstar

The NBA Draft is just a few weeks away and the league is looking to lift their moratorium on trading in the coming days. This offseason, teams have less money to spend in free agency than in recent years because the salary cap may remain stagnant, so some experts believe teams, like the Brooklyn Nets, will try more trades in order to improve their rosters.

On the daily Locked On Bulls Podcast hosts Matt Peck and Jordan Maly discussed a potential three-way trade between the Chicago Bulls, Nets, and the Golden State Warriors centered around Zach LaVine, Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert, the Warriors’ second overall pick, and the Bulls’ fourth overall pick.

Jordan Maly: The three-way deal involves the Bulls, the Nets, and the Warriors. The Bulls trade Zach LaVine to the Nets. The Golden State Warriors receive Jarrett Allen and the Bulls’ No. 4 overall pick in the draft. The Bulls receive the Nets first-round pick this year and Golden State’s No. 2 overall pick and Caris LeVert.

So, the Bulls are moving up two spots in the draft, getting a mid-round pick coming from Philly, and they’re also getting through three years of control of Caris LeVert.

Matt Peck: Brooklyn has the 19th pick from Philly via the Clippers. I would absolutely consider that trade if I’m the Bulls… I’m definitely considering that trade if I know that at number two I can snag LaMelo Ball as opposed to Anthony Edwards or James Wiseman or somebody else. If whoever ends up picking at number one, whether it’s Minnesota or somebody else, if they take LaMelo then I’m less intrigued by a deal moving from fourth because I don’t want Wiseman or Edwards that badly…

I do really love Caris LeVert. I think he’s a phenomenal player, and I think that there is still more ceiling above him. So as much as it would break my heart to trade away Zach, who I do love and respect and appreciate since he came over via trade everything he’s been through rehabbing the ACL and carrying this team on his shoulders every night this past season. If I am getting another opportunity for a middle of the first round swing with that 19th pick and ensuring LaMelo with the No. 2 pick and getting Caris LeVert. I would consider that.