The Oklahoma City Thunder has been one of the biggest surprise packages of the season, and All-Star point guard Chris Paul has just revealed what has kept the team going since Day 1.

According to Paul, this team has not forgotten about the fact that the Thunder were given a mere 0.2% chance of making the playoffs this season.

“We’re just going to keep our head down, keep fighting,” he said, via Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times. “understand that we weren’t supposed to be here — 0.2, 0.2% chance.”

To be fair, nobody was surprised when ESPN made this prediction during the preseason. After all, OKC had just traded their two best players in Russell Westbrook and Paul George in exchange for a myriad of assets that were supposed to help them in their rebuild. Paul himself was one of the trading pieces that landed on Oklahoma, but it was all but certain that he was going to be traded away sooner rather than later.

How things have changed since. Paul has had a tremendous season with the Thunder, which resulted in his first All-Star team appearance in five years. He also led this young and promising side to an excellent campaign, and at the moment, the Thunder are sitting at the fifth spot in a ruthless Western Conference.

ESPN could not have been more wrong with their 0.2% prediction, and Paul and the rest of his teammates are more than happy to continuously prove all their doubters wrong.