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Jason Kidd compares Russell Westbrook to Mike Tyson

Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is treating the league like his personal punching bag which is why we are not surprised that Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd compared the reigning NBA MVP to one of the greatest boxing champions of all-time, a bad dude who goes by the name, Mike Tyson.

Speaking to reporters, including Nick Freidell of ESPN, before his team absorbed a 110-91 pummeling at the hands of Westbrook and the Thunder on Tuesday, Kidd explained why Westbrook is the “Iron” Mike of basketball.

“He is the [Mike] Tyson of basketball,” Kidd said of Westbrook, prior to Tuesday’s game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Oklahoma City Thunder. “When the jump ball [goes up], he is coming as Tyson did [in getting] off the stool. When the bell rings, he’s coming for you. Whenever he’s on the floor, he plays at one speed and that’s fast and hard. He’s a little different in that case that he’s probably the only [No.] 1, and then I would put [at] 1B in that same category John Wall. Just that speed of coming at you every time you’re on the floor. There is no kind of walking the ball up; they are coming at you and causing problems.”

Westbrook, who had 12 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists against the Bucks, is quite a force when he’s on the basketball court akin as to how Tyson used to make quick of poor opponents who had no way of escaping the wrath of the walking knockout machine.

Nothing says it better how destructive to opponents Westbrook is than that of the incredible accomplishment he had last season when he averaged a triple-double for the entire 2016-17 campaign en route to taking home the Maurice Podoloff Trophy.

While opponents are finding it hard a solution on how to put the clamps on Westbrook, here’s to hoping that no one resorts to biting his ear.