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Russell Westbrook reminds Thunder beat writer he went to school

Russell Westbrook

It’s still the preseason and with only a bit more than a week to go before the start of the much-awaited regular season. The Oklahoma City Thunder made a key addition in Carmelo Anthony just weeks before the games count, making these precious days together really count.

Russell Westbrook has been flooded with questions about chemistry between him and the other two 20-point scorers in his team, which is a vast difference from his situation last season. Tired of these questions through the first days of training camp, the reigning MVP caught onto ESPN’s Royce Young’s attempt to rephrase one of his questions to dive into any updates in team chemistry between them.

Young: “You guys at all worried that there are some rugged patches there to figure out?”

Westbrook: “What did I tell you yesterday?”

Young: “I didn’t say the word chemistry.”

Westbrook: “It’s the same thing, though. I went to school I know that it’s the same thing.”

Westbrook along with Anthony and Paul George will surely have some rough patches to get over, but the mere coalition of talent on that team should prove enough to overcome them as long as they zero-in on the task at hand. The trio have only played two games together thus far.