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Video: Paul George and Kelly Oubre stare each other down

Another rivalry could be brewing, folks. Grab yourself some popcorn and drinks. Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Washington Wizards just provided the latest testy moment in the league. Enjoy.

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Paul George gets flashy. 👀

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The play happened in the waning seconds of the third quarter. Though the score was tied and the game felt close, it was clear that George was having the best of the entire Wizards squad. Feeling his groove, the Thunder All-Star dribbled in front of Oubre just as a streetballer would on the playgrounds — he danced for the heck of it and did a flamboyant head-and-shoulder fake as he tried to set up a crossover, which he then followed up by crossing the ball between his legs.

A frustrated Oubre, who obviously won’t allow himself to get clowned in front of his home crowd, fouled George and sent him to the free throw line. The two then did a quick stare down, with the Thunder swingman having this “What are you gonna do about it?” stance and the Wizards forward, in turn, answering an “I won’t let you do that in here” look.

The overall one-on-one battle could be given to George since he was able to punch-in a game-high 28 points through three quarters. Oubre, however, gets the bigger checkmark since the Wizards won, 102-96, despite John Wall being absent. He also helped shut down George in the final frame, who did not score and wasn’t even able to take a shot or tally any other stat in the quarter.