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Video: Thunder’s Russell Westbrook guests on Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls’ show

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was recently a guest on Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” YouTube show. For those that don’t know, the show’s premise features Hart and a guest sitting in ice baths and just chatting. What did the Oklahoma City guard have to say?

The video is almost 14 minutes long, so if you don’t have the time to watch the full video, here’s a rundown.

After joking about running the show, as well as Hart’s size and kids, Westbrook did get into some basketball-related content.

The first topic of discussion was, of course, triple-doubles. Hart asked Westbrook about the “triple-double phenomenon,” with Westbrook stating simply that “it just happened.”

Next up was another pretty obvious topic of discussion: Kevin Durant. Westbrook said there’s no hate between him and his ex-teammate, stating that the media likes to put hate between the two because it gives them a story, while also saying they’re in a better place today than they were “yesterday.”

After that, they talked about Oklahoma City and Westbrook’s desire not to leave. The point guard feels there’s a lot of excitement in the city and with the fans.

More joking followed pertaining to Westbrook’s outfits that tend to stir up the Twitterverse, but quickly transitioned into the trio of him, Durant and James Harden.

Westbrook stated that they had, in the past, discussed what could’ve been if they stuck together, but now it’s everyone else still talking about it instead of them.

Finally, they talked about Westbrook being animated, plus a potential one-on-one game against LeBron James. As expected, Westbrook believes he would win, but what else would you expect from a competitor like him?

The show ended as the two joked a little more — showing Westbrook’s comedic chops. This is just another example of the 30-year-old being a lot more engaging with media than a lot of people are led to believe.

In the last two days alone, Russell Westbrook has given the world a lot when it comes to his personality. He showed he isn’t bothered by negative criticism and can have fun (yes, even with the media) at any time.

This interview also had a surprising number of nuggets in it. It gave us a short look into his relationship with Durant and others, as well as Oklahoma City.

Hopefully, we’re given more Russell Westbrook interviews soon, because he has been on fire lately.