The end is near. Kobe Bryant will be playing the final game of his 20-year NBA career and the Golden State Warriors will be playing one final game to try and finish with a record of 73-9, something that's never been done in NBA history.

As expected, ticket prices for the final games have soared to extreme heights. Darren Rovell of ESPN reports on just how much it will cost you if you plan to attend one of these games.

Fans have paid a StubHub average of $971 for a ticket at the Staples Center to see No. 24 take the final shots of his 20-year NBA career for the Lakers, against the Jazz, while StubHub data shows the average price paid for the Grizzlies-Warriors game on Wednesday night is now $436.

Ticket prices to Bryant's last game immediately jumped when Bryant confirmed early in the season that this would be his last. The Warriors' ticket prices skyrocketed Sunday night after the team beat the Spurs for the second time this week.

TiqIQ, a ticket market tracking site, shows that the list price to the Warriors' final game jumped 134 percent from after Sunday night's victory to the price Monday morning. The average list price to a ticket for the game is now $1,594.

However you look at it, paying $436 for any regular season game is not normal, regardless of it being a game that could go down in the record books. Paying double that to watch a team that's 16-64 now, and probably 16-65 after tonight, is almost outrageous. That, however, is the price of admission to attend the Warriors game where they could make history and win 73 games or Bryant's final game of his career.

Would you pay anywhere near these amounts to attend one of these games?

If so:

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