Tom Brady's greatest moments
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Tom Brady, Patriots

Tom Brady’s greatest moments

Let’s be honest here, there isn’t much left to be said about Tom Brady and his legendary run with the New England Patriots.

But if you are one of the rare few who have been living under a rock the past two decades, here’s a quick rundown of what Mr. California Cool has been up to with the Pats.

Selected 199th overall of the 200 NFL Draft, Tom Brady is undoubtedly the biggest draft steal in the league’s history. In his 20 years with the Patriots, Brady’s regular season record as a starter is 219 wins and 64 losses giving him an unbelievable 77% win percentage. New England made 17 postseason appearances with Brady under center, making it to playoffs 11 straight years from 2009-2019. Their record together in the postseason stands at 30 wins and 11 losses, including nine trips to the Super Bowl.

At the end of his time in Foxboro, Tom Brady won a ton of hardware. To quote LeBron James, “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five…” but six championships.

Tom Brady was named to 14 Pro Bowls and 5 All-Pro teams as a Patriot. He would lead the league in Passer rating, yards, and touchdowns multiple times and completion percentage once. And of course, he was named NFL MVP three times, in 2007,2010, and most recently, 2017.

Brady’s time in New England may go down as the single most successful run a player has had with a franchise ever but if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t count him out just yet especially with all the new weapons he has in Bruce Arians’ offense down in Florida. But before Tom Brady starts his journey with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, let’s take along walk down memory lane and countdown some of Touchdown Tom’s greatest moments so far.

5. Most Regular Season Wins by a Quarterback Ever 

Back in 2017, the Patriots and Jets faced off in an October regular season game. Tom Brady and his Pats won 24-17 against a Josh McCown led New Jersey in another typical outing. However it wasn’t no typical for the New England quarterback as this win marked him setting the new record for most regular seasons wins by a quarterback in NFL history.

He had already solidified his postseason legacy and this game made his claim as the winningest quarterback in history even more unbeatable. What made this moment even sweeter was the fact that Tom Brady would win the record from Brett Favre and long-time rival Peyton Manning.

4. Back to Back Rings in 2003 and 2004

Having won his first ring 2001, Tom Brady was only getting started on his epic tear through the NFL.

Only two years later, would lead the Patriots back to the big game, facing off against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII. In a closely contested title match, the score was tied at 29-29 with a little over one minute left in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady would lead his team on a five-play march downfield setting up kicker Adam Vinatieri for a 41-yard field goal attempt to seal the win, something they had grown accustomed too. The kick was good and Brady and the Pats had their second Lombardi Trophy.

The following year, they would be back at it again. This time, the Patriots would barely squeak out a win versus Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles. New England and Tom Brady would have their third title in four years. The Pats would be the first team to achieve such a feat since the Dallas Cowboys did it in the 90s.

For Tom Brady, this moment was special because he added two more championships to his resume but importantly, he would cement his place with the eras greats surpassing Denver’s John Elway with two titles and tying Dallas Troy Aikman with three Super Bowl wins.

3. Super Bowl XLIX: Deflate That

What’s better than winning back to back Super Bowls? Winning one after a decade-long drought and after a going to one of the biggest controversies in your career.

Not his best win, especially considering how the Seahawks literally through this one away at the 1-yard line, Brady still played well throwing four touchdown passes including one to Julian Edelman which gave them the lead late in the fourth after they had trailed by ten points.

Tom Brady would have his third Super Bowl MVP and more importantly, he would tie Joe Montana at four wins. And of course, the cherry on top of the sundae was all this came after the “Deflate Gate” saga.

2. Super Bowl XXXVI: Nothing Like the First Time

New England was probably overjoyed that they made it all the way to the Super Bowl this year and the eventual win was just a huge bonus. Little did they know that this was the beginning of arguably the greatest run they’ll ever have in franchise history.

Facing “The Greatest Show on Turf,” Tom Brady played as well as you’d want from a second-year sixth round pick. Playing against a St. Louis team, which had made its second Super Bowl in three years, he didn’t turn the ball over and he even threw for a touchdown. But in the last minute of the game, the lights would suddenly turn on.

No timeouts left with 1:30 left at their own 17-yard line, Brady’s offense had the ball with the scored tied at 14. NFL legend John Madden, who was calling the game, said the Pats should just run the clock down and try to win in overtime. Tom Brady disagreed as he would then lead his team on a title-winning drive, the first of a few for the legend. He would set-up Vinatieri for the first of his championship¬† winning kicks and Brady would become the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, leapfrogging Joe Namath and Joe Montana.

1. The Comeback

One of the more recent moments in his career is arguably the most famous of them all.

Down 3-28 in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots would pull off THE greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Coming back from 25 points down, Brady and the Pats would win in overtime. He would pass Joe Montana with five Super Bowl wins becoming the undisputed winningest quarterback in history.

He would go on to win another ring against the Rams but with everything Tom Brady faced that season, including having to serve his suspension, this one definitely tops the list.