Everybody knows that Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady is an impressive basketball player. In his career, he averaged 19.6 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists and played for multiple teams including the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets.

If his career wasn't marred by injuries, he could have done more.

But everybody doesn't know that McGrady is impressive in handling his money. In a video he posted in Facebook, he shared how peculiar it was to rain and snow in Houston. He panned the camera across his backyard and showed an impressive pool side and gazebo.


Of course, many Facebook users reacted on McGrady's impressive backyard and not on the rain and snow. A user named Glenda Charon Harris said:

“Your backyard is beautiful!”

Another user with the name Jason Xu commented:

“Man! That's your house?”

NBA players are earning millions of dollars, and sometimes, that amount of money can be overwhelming to some.

The amount may seem endless, but there are known cases where NBA players have been bankrupt because of unwise spending, like Antoine Walker for example. Walker had accumulated a little over $100 million in his career, but he supported multiple family members, bought fancy cars and went into gambling.

It looks like McGrady is not joining that club anytime soon. And indeed, what he has shown in the video is an impressive pool side and gazebo.