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Twins star Carlos Correa drops truth bomb on why he didn’t sign with Cubs

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Carlos Correa shocked the MLB world when he left the mighty Houston Astros for the Minnesota Twins this past offseason. Correa signed a three-year, $105 million deal with opt-outs after the first two seasons, so he could very well hit free agency again this upcoming offseason.

The Chicago Cubs had some conversations with Correa, but the way he says it, there was never really anything serious there. The Twins star explained why before playing the Chicago White Sox on Monday, via Gordon Wittenmyer of NBC Sports Chicago:

“I didn’t want to be part of no rebuilding.”

Correa further explained that there was never an actual offer put on the table:

“We had conversations, but there was never an offer,” Correa said. “It was just checking-in stuff. They were more in that rebuilding process. And they knew I wanted to be more in a championship-caliber atmosphere. That’s why I’m a Minnesota Twin.”

There had been some reports about the Cubs making an offer, but Correa is denying that and Cubs president Jed Hoyer previously denied it. After the lockout, Correa clearly didn’t get the monster deal he was looking for, so he chose the Twins and their short-term deal. Minnesota is currently in first place in the AL Central, while Chicago is floundering in the NL Central.

The Cubs could try going after Correa again next offseason, but based on these comments, it doesn’t seem like there would be much chance of a partnership. Chicago would have to change its organizational outlook in a big way, and even if that winds up being the case, Correa still might not want to come. The current record (32-48) and a farm system that’s just okay aren’t a great sell. It would take the Cubs really opening up the checkbook to attract free agents.

Meanwhile, the Twins would surely love to keep Correa around for the long haul. But right now, they’re focused on trying to win a division and make noise in the playoffs this season. Then they’ll worry about Correa.