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Two Point Hospital finally has Sonic the Hedgehog in it

Two-Point Hospital key visual with Sonic the Hedgehog

Two Point Hospital finally gets its much-awaited Sonic the Hedgehog DLC pack.

While no one probably ever asked for it, you can now dress up your hospital staff with furry Sonic suits. You can also erect Sonic the Hedgehog status, as well as spinning ring statues. You can check out all the new content from the DLC in its trailer.

While there’s absolutely no relationship between Sonic and Two Point Hospital, being published both by SEGA apparently is enough reason to get a collaboration campaign of this kind. But this has become very commonplace nowadays for the blue hedgehog as Sonic keeps on popping up everywhere. This is how SEGA celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog‘s thirtieth year anniversary, after all.

The costumes unfortunately don’t make your Two Point Hospital staff work any faster, though, as these are purely cosmetic. Any Sonic fan who happens to play Two Point Hospital may download the DLC for free, wherever they are playing the game. Two Point Studios has also put the game on sale, with varying discounts depending on the platform. If you’ve already had enough of this game and feel like it’s time to graduate for it, then look forward to Two Point Studios’ next project: Two Point Campus.