There is no doubt that Jake Paul's huge knockout punch on Tyron Woodley was a scary moment for everyone involved. Woodley's coach, Din Thomas, went in-depth about what happened … and it's quite jarring.

Tyron Woodley didn't even realize he was knocked out. Din Thomas revealed the scary situation on his radio show:

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“I think he went through a series of different emotions. I remember standing inside the ring as soon as it happened and he was like ‘no, no, when do I go back out?’ He didn’t even know, right when it happened, he thought it was in between rounds and I’m sure he was probably wondering why everybody was standing inside the ring. He didn’t even know at that moment,” Thomas said about Tyron Woodley on SiriusXM. “When I got out of the ring, I really just sat there, just in disbelief. That is really what the beginning was disbelief, you couldn’t believe that just happened.

“Then when we got to the back everyone on the team was disappointed like I can’t just believe that happened. Even him he was going back-and-forth,” Thomas continued about Tyron Woodley. “The guy that runs High Rollerz, well he was in the back and he brought his daughter who was probably four years old and when Tyron saw her he was like ‘hey, I’m okay, don’t worry.’ She really brought the life back into him and from him seeing this little girl you saw his whole demeanor change from being disappointed to this is what it is and I have to accept it.”

Tyron Woodley didn't even realize the fight had come to an end. That's the scary reality when dealing with knockouts. Fighters don't realize it happened and someone has to step in and give them the sad news.

Din Thomas also spoke about whether the fight was a fix or not. Tyron Woodley's coach couldn't help but laugh as he addressed the rumor:

“Listen, that whole theory, it makes me laugh. Being in his camp I know how serious it was, it was serious,” Thomas said about Woodley. “Tyron really wanted this win back, he really wanted this fight. It was a serious thing. If it was a dive I wish they told me because I would’ve just shown up the night of and partying. But, that wasn’t the case it was a real, legit fight.”

The fight game can be unpredictable, and Tyron Woodley certainly found that out the hard way. As for Jake Paul, he has many options in the future.