If there's one thing we can learn from Ganyu is that Genshin Impact is a game that values the importance of work. Ganyu spends her time working overtime as a secretary for the Liyue Qixing and her story quest reveal how others value her output.

The same concept applies in your daily grind in Genshin Impact. You need to work to earn primogems which in turn will be used to acquire your favorite character or desired weapon. Even acquiring your dream artifacts will require you to be a workaholic as you'll constantly spend every ounce of your resin. Buying primogems is also a harvest of work as you'll realize how much of your salary went straight to your wishes. Even convincing your parents to lend you their credit card is considered work.

And your efforts will definitely give you a plethora of bows and artifacts for Ganyu. Now it all boils down to which among them is perfectly suited for her. Here are some builds that will make Ganyu appreciate your diligence.



  • PROS
    • Synergizes effectively with other characters
    • A Spiral Abyss trump card due to her area-of-effect damage
  • CONS
    • You need to file an overtime request since you'll be grinding her artifacts together with your main DPS
    • Gacha oriented given the preferred 4-star and 5-star weapons

For those of you who prefer following what's written on your job description, then this build is perfectly suited for you. Ganyu's abilities make her a reliable threat as her cryo based skills can annihilate groups of foes. She can even distract her opponents with her Elemental Skill, that forces opponents to attack her Ice Lotus.


For starters, you can opt to pursue three-star weapons like The Messenger or Sharpshooter's Oath due to the added CRIT damage.

As for four-star weapons, the Blackcliff Warbow and The Stringless are best suited to further amplify the damage outburst of your abilities. The former can be attained through the Starglitter Exchange. You might have to conduct a plethora of wishes for you to gain the currency needed for the Warbow though. The Sacrificial Bow is an alternative if you prefer spamming your abilities given the reduced cooldowns and energy recharge effect. The Favonius Warbow can also be equipped to spam your abilities, but this will require a huge quantity of CRIT effects from your artifacts.

Ultimately, the Skyward Harp is the perfect weapon for her due to the insane damage outburst it delivers. Combining your abilities with the added effects of CRIT rate, CRIT damage, and a passive area-of-effect damage will make you laugh like a sadistic supervisor.


In the early to mid-phases of the game, a 2-piece Scholar and Exile will allow you to spam your abilities due to the 40% energy recharge effect. You may also try a 2-piece Brave Heart or a 2-piece Resolution of Sojourner for added damage.

As for the late game, A 2-piece Noblesse Oblige and a 2-piece Blizzard Strayer will boost the damage of your Elemental Burst. Your flower artifact should automatically be used to increase your HP and your Plume for ATK, but the rest should be geared towards ATK%, Cryo DMG, and CRIT rate or CRIT damage.

A 4-piece Noblesse Oblige could be an alternative since you could provide the attack boost to your primary damage dealer. Similar to the 2-piece Noblesse and Blizzard Stayer set, you must aim for the stats indicated above. If these aren't available, you can opt to pursue energy recharge stats to maximize the effects of your 4-piece build. A constant wave of your burst will make your primary DPS into a raging juggernaut.


It's important to have a main DPS in your lineup particularly hydro and electo-based characters as they provide the necessary reactions. Having a pyro-based main DPS could be risky if you have a hydro-based support as the melting effect will nerf the freeze effect. If you have no choice but to stick to your pyro DPS, its best not to use him or her against frozen opponents.

Having Sucrose or Venti is a must have as their abilities offer an area-of-effect damage that suits well with Ganyu. The combined efforts of their abilities will bring an avalanche of havoc inside the Spiral Abyss. If these characters aren't available, Fischl can serve as an alternative given Oz's damage outburst and superconduct effect. Lisa could be a viable option since Ganyu's Elemental Skill allows her to distract opponents, which will protect Lisa at all costs. Xiangling can also provide the synergy with Sucrose and Ganyu but as mentioned earlier, her abilities should not interfere with frozen opponents.


Since this is a support build, Ganyu isn't required to be in the heat of battle. All you need to do is use your Elemental Skill to distract opponents, switch to another character and unleash their abilities. Once Ganyu's burst is available, you can use your Elemental Skill, combine it with the burst, and switch to your other characters to wreak havoc. Be sure that her burst happens inside the area of her Elemental Skill.



  • PROS
    • A CRIT damage machine since charged attacks automatically provide that. This also means that farming for CRIT rate is no longer needed
    • Weapons are easy to acquire
    • Artifacts are easy to grind given the sources of Gladiator's and Wanderer's
  • CONS
    • Requires a huge degree of accuracy as you'll rely heavily on charged shots
    • Will require a huge level of stamina as you'll be forced to hit-and-run
    • Her abilities won't offer the same damage as her support build
    • Bad against cryo-based opponents since the bulk of her damage comes from her

For workaholics that are obsessed in accomplishing challenging tasks, then this build perfectly encapsulates your personality. This will require you to master the bow as you'll be forced to use charged attacks to get the maximum damage output. The good thing about Ganyu is that the full effect of her charged shot will unleash multiple freezing arrows, however be advised that some enemies can immediately run towards you so you might not be able to unleash its full force.


For this build, CRIT damage is a priority as this would boost the effects of your charged shots. The three-star weapons we indicated in the support build could be your starting weapons due to their stat bonuses.

Unlike her cryo support build, the main DPS cryo build allows the player to use the blacksmith. The Prototype Crescent will increase your attack damage plus it offers you an added movement speed bonus for aimed shots directed on a weakpoint. This is definitely good especially against ruin type enemies. The Blackcliff Warbow is also a viable alternative due to its CRIT damage boost.

As for five-star weapons, go for the Amos' Bow as its passive effect further increases the damage of your charged shot.


Artifact sets that will boost your attack like a 2-piece Brave Heart and a 2-piece Resolution of Sojourner could be your starter build to enhance the effects of your charged shots. However as you progress in the game it's important to switch to the following.

A 2-piece Gladiator's Finale and a 2-piece Blizzard Strayer will make every charged shot into a nightmare for your opponents. The added attack and cryo damage bonus can instantly burst opponents.

The alternative would be a 4-piece Wanderer's Troupe as it will increase your charged shot by 35%. This likewise bodes well with your other characters due to the +80 Elemental Mastery effect of the 2-piece set.

Similar to the cryo support build, aim for artifacts that boost your ATK% and cryo damage. The only key difference is that your last artifact should only focus on CRIT damage as CRIT rate is useless for this build.


There are similarities with the cryo support build but there are some notable differences.

Since Ganyu is now your main DPS, be sure to surround her with characters that can protect her and provide elemental synergies. This makes Barbara, Xingqui, Mona, and Xinyan ideal for Ganyu as they can offer a plethora of benefits. Similar to the cryo support build, having Sucrose and Venti is best for Ganyu as they can compile groups of enemies in one area which allow you to rain arrow shots from distance. Having Xiangling, Fischl, and Lisa could serve as your support DPS options.

Geo characters are recommended as they offer shielding effects to protect Ganyu while she aims her charged attacks. Noelle has the healing effect which is useful in do or die situations. Zhongli's overpowered shields can absorb a plethora of damage which will give some breathing space for charged shots. You can also use his geo steele to give Ganyu the high ground advantage and the same can be said with Albedo's Elemental Skill. Ningguang will negate the effects of ranged attacks.


Its best to start with Ganyu's Elemental Skill, followed by the barrage of abilities of other party members. Once this is done, Ganyu must keep her distance and fire charged shots. Once the cooldown of her Elemental Skill is done and her opponents are nearby, be sure to repeat the process. It's best to shield her while your enemies are nearby to protect her from any incoming damage. If you have Albedo or Zhongli, be sure to capitalize on the high ground.

With these builds, you can now unleash the inner cocoG.O.A.T. of the half-human and half-qilin. Her childhood story will bring you chuckles but once you uncover her ultimate form, you'll be left with a surprised Pikachu face.