There are a lot of stars in the women's college basketball world right now, and one of them is USC women's basketball star JuJu Watkins. Watkins has done it all for the Trojans this year and she has quickly become a star. USC is currently ranked #7 in the country, and Watkins is averaging 28.2 PPG. She is one of the best players in the country.

Everyone is taking notice of the USC women's basketball star, and one person that isn't surprised at all by what she's done is Draymond Green. Green actually worked out with Watkins a few years ago, and it was clear from the start that she is a very talented player.

“I had the opportunity to actually work out with JuJu, she came to my workout maybe when she was in like the 10th grade and you could see the skill was there, shoot the lights out the ball,” Draymond Green said during a recent episode of the Draymond Green Show. “I still work out with my trainer Travis Walton, he was my senior leader when I was a freshman at Michigan State, he's trained me my entire career. We still go hard like we in college, like it's not your typical NBA workout. You go shoot some spots and go to the next like we go and she came to our workout and the first day like you could tell her skill was there and like all the things, but she was struggling to get through the workout a bit and and like you know I'm pushing her like hey come on Ju you got it come on like pushing her through the workout pushing. She came back the next day and when she came back the next day it said a lot to me because it's like oh she wants to get better like she enjoyed being pushed. You know a lot of people, I've seen people come to my workouts, I've had NBA players come to my workouts, throw up, not come back, you know. I've had, I've seen all different types and she came back the next day and I was like that that young lady has a future in this game.”

Green was right, she certainly did have a future in the game. Now, she is leading the USC women's basketball team to the NCAA Tournament. The regular season will be over in a couple weeks, and the Trojans should get a high seed in the big dance. They are national title contenders, and if JuJu Watkins continues to play at a high level, they have a chance to win it all.