VALORANT Episode 5 Act I is approaching its end and naturally, fans are curious about the upcoming agent. Here’s everything we know so far about Agent 21 codenamed Mage. 

Riot is well known for coming up with teasers and placing easter eggs of upcoming characters in their games. This time is no different because an email from Fade popped up in Public Beta Environment Range which apparently is about VALORANT’s upcoming Agent 21. This Agent 21 has their identity shrouded, but we get a glimpse of who this Mage is in VALORANT.

As the email reads, the real name of VALORANT Agent 21 Mage is Varun Batra, the keeper of Legion’s new power source. We’re not entirely sure if that’s the name Riot is going for, however, this could be a hint to the agent’s origins. Varun Batra is typically an Indian or Hindi name. Given VALORANT’s popularity in South Asia, it’s possible that Riot could be going for an Indian agent.

Aside from the name, a symbol similar to the Hamsa hand also appeared on the PBE Range’s bulletin board. This is another nod to Agent 21’s Indian origins. Also, this symbol could also be one of the agent’s abilities. We always see these small nods and easter eggs that the devs drop to give hints on the identity of the next agent, but this time they’re all a bit too obvious.

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Speaking of abilities, we’re assuming that Varun could have water-based elemental abilities. The reason for this assumption is because the name “Varun” is similar to Varuna who is a Hindu deity associated with the oceans. Plus, it’s not entirely impossible for Varun to have elemental abilities since Phoenix utilizes fire elements. However, we can’t really be sure of any of these until we get to see Mage in action.

As for the release date, it’s possible that VALORANT Agent 21 Mage will make his debut come Episode 5 Act II. We can expect further details from Riot towards the last week of Episode 5 Act I.