Vanessa Bryant just announced the launch of the Mambacita clothing line, per Nick DePaula of ESPN. As a way to honor her late daughter Gianna, the line will drop on May 1 on what would have been Gigi's 15th birthday.

In addition, this effort by Vanessa to create a clothing line in her daughter's honor will not just make us remember Gigi more, but also leave a massive impact as all proceeds earned will be given to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Last month, Vanessa Bryant got a gorgeous Mambacita tattoo on her arm to honor and remember her late daughter. Vanessa Bryant has found plenty of ways to pay tribute to her daughter, as well as her late husband, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

She has also made it a point that people all over the world remember the legacy left by Kobe and Gigi, and this is just one of the many ways she has done so ever since that unfortunate and tragic day in January 2020. What makes this much better is that every penny they earn from the clothing line should go to an amazing cause.

It has been a year and three months since the tragic helicopter crash, but the memories of Kobe and Gigi are still very much alive for Vanessa. For sure, not a day goes by without them crossing Vanessa's mind.

In the same way, people all over the world are still honoring and remembering the legacy left by Kobe and Gigi. Tributes still continue to sprout from around the globe, and the memory of Kobe and Gigi still impact people to this day.