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Video: Russell Westbrook just likes to win

Russell Westbrook now has six straight triple-doubles. That puts Westbrook at a total of 11 triple-doubles on the season.

To compare, Westbrook’s play last season was called outstanding and blew the minds of many. Westbrook is only seven triple-doubles away from having as many as he had in that amazing season. The Thunder are riding a six-game winning streak to go along with Westbrook’s triple-doubles. They currently sit at 14-8 on the season and sixth place in the Western Conference.

After the 101-92 win over New Orleans on Sunday, Westbrook was asked about his triple-double streak. He kept his response simple and showed where his priorities are, take a look below.

Russell Westbrook simply likes to win. Everything he is doing on the court is in effort to get the Thunder that “W.”

That one question and responds is the perfect summary of Westbrook as a player and a person. He wants to win and he feels blessed to be playing. Everyone should feel blessed as well since we all have the honor of watching Westbrook night-in and night-out. Westbrook is a special player and this season he looks like he will reach marks that have not been reached for decades.

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