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Kirk Cousins’ newest Vikings teammate isn’t a fan of him

Vikings, Kirk Cousins, Everson Griffen

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has been cast in a not-so-great light this offseason amid his thoughts on remaining unvaccinated. While he’s certainly in his right to do so, it has not pleased head coach Mike Zimmer.

It appears the Vikings are on the verge of signing Everson Griffen, who spent his first 1o years in Minnesota and most recently, made waves for his comments about Cousins.

Back in January in some now deleted tweets, Griffen said that Kirk Cousins was “ass” and also noted that Zimmer never wanted the quarterback in the first place. He deleted the tweets but as we know, Twitter is forever and the screenshots live on.

The good thing going for the Vikings with the signing while factoring in the Cousins angle is that the two play on separate sides of the ball. Griffen will be rushing the opposing quarterback while Captain Kirk is the quarterback for Minnesota. So even if there are some bad feelings leftover or if Cousins isn’t going to be all jolly to see Griffen back in the locker room, it shouldn’t have a lasting effect on either end.

Minnesota is trying to rebound after a deflating season in 2020 that featured a secondary that constantly got shredded. The NFC North could come down to the Green Bay Packers and the Vikings as the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are both in retooling stages for 2021. With Cousins under center, it’s anyone’s guess as to how things will pan out for the Vikings this year.