Vikings news: Kirk Cousins wants to win to stay in Minnesota as long as possible
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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins wants to win to stay in Minnesota as long as possible

Kirk Cousins, Vikings

Any quarterback wants to stay on a team as long as they can to retire and call home. It’s something that Kirk Cousins hopes to accomplish as he looks to have a successful 2019 campaign for the Minnesota Vikings.

When asked by Brett Favre on the former Vikings’ quarterback’s radio show, Cousins put it bluntly that he wants to stay in Minnesota.

“Absolutely, and I think that’s where it starts. To have a chance as a quarterback to win those big games it starts with great ownership, great management, people bringing in the right people around you so you can win those big games. Our fans are outstanding, our new stadium is outstanding and I just feel very privileged to be the quarterback here because not every organization can claim some of the things that we have going here. We have to turn it into wins as much as possible so I can stay here as long as possible. I joke with everybody that ‘guys we’ve got to win because I like it here and I’d like to stay.”

And at this point in the season, Cousins is looking like he’ll stay with the Vikings. The team is 7-3 and he has a touchdown to interception ratio of 18 touchdowns to three interceptions. He’s currently tied for the third-most touchdown passes and is looking to continue Minnesota’s winning ways as the playoffs near.

It will be a lot to consider as next season will be the final year on his contract, but if he keeps this up then he’ll be staying with the Vikings.