Vikings news: Stefon Diggs answers question about alleged trade request
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Vikings WR Stefon Diggs answers question about his alleged trade request

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs returned to the team on Thursday and took questions from the media about the situation including rumors that he asked for a trade. Diggs missed practice on Wednesday and claimed the reason was that he wasn’t feeling too well.

Diggs did admit that he was frustrated with the struggles and that he wasn’t going to sit and act like everything was going okay.

Courtney Cronin of ESPN asked Diggs straight out if he had gone to management and asked for a trade, and he said he didn’t. He said all the conversations he has had are about getting the team better and trying to have more success on the field. He additionally said “there’s truth to all rumors” (from 1:54-2:20 in the video below).

Diggs did say he wasn’t sure if his agent had asked for a trade and that they would have to ask his agents if there were truth those rumors.

The Vikings have already made it clear they have no interest in trading Diggs, and Diggs’s comments illustrate that he is trying to be a team-first player, but things could always change on a dime.

Diggs has always made clear throughout his time with the Vikings that winning is most important to him, so if Kirk Cousins can start hitting on some of the throws to his receivers and the team can get hot and start winning some games, maybe that will help with some of the frustration.

The Vikings face off with the New York Giants on Sunday, and the expectation is Diggs will be on the field.