Have you ever wanted to be a professional in Esports but aren’t sure what steps to take to get there? Then Squid Academy is your best bet at getting to the top. Let’s go ahead and check them out, shall we?

Want to be a Professional in Esports? Join Squid Academy Now!

The Problem

Realizing that the gaming and esports industry comprises way more professionals than just pro esports athletes, Squid Academy knew that it needed to come up with a more holistic solution than the number of biased ones that currently exist online. And after years of trial and tribulation, they found it!

The Solution

Inspired by the unquestionably intelligent ocean-dwelling cephalopod and its eight tentacles (the Squid), Squid Academy has launched The Squid System  – a fresh new take on the training and development of professionals in gaming.

This method for success is a comprehensive, 8 tentacle approach aimed to prepare budding enthusiasts for a career in gaming and beyond.

It’s Tentacles (In Brief)

TENTACLE #1 – Study Like A Squid

Study through trial and error, much like a Squid by adapting every aspect of your mind and body to solve problems.

TENTACLE #2 – Mental Performance

Master your mind to mentally dominate your opponents with esports psychology. Positive self-talk, enhancing confidence, goal setting, and achieving a productive mindset, among many other skills can go a long way in improving work life as well as your overall well-being.

TENTACLE #3 – Nutrition

You are what you eat. Learn about the best brain foods among other dietary solutions to unlock your mind and body’s full potential.

TENTACLE #4 – Exercise

Learn how to understand and use physical fitness and conditioning so you can perform like a real athlete, increasing your self-confidence and social skills along the way. 

TENTACLE #5 – Shoutcasting

Feel the adrenalin rush & hear the crowd go wild! The power of your voice is highly underestimated. Remember, you don’t have to be a pro gamer to have it all, you can be a Shoutcaster as well.

TENTACLE #6 – Social Media

Become a social media expert & learn all the tricks of the trade to turn your followers into paying customers. Having a presence on social media in today’s world is crucial no matter what profession or industry you want to get into. This isn’t more true in any profession as it is in gaming.

TENTACLE #7 – Branding

Grow a strong brand, build a legacy, and reap the rewards for life! Great branding shows customers what makes you unique, gives you purpose and direction, and most importantly helps deliver business results.

TENTACLE #8 – Esports Organisations

Learn about the intricacies of conducting business and earning income. An integral key to success is finding ways that you can talk about revenue, understanding costs, and coming up with unique opportunities that draw in key talent, people who will truly make your brand shine.

The Team

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Each coach at Squid Academy is a phenom within their own sector and have united under Squid Academy to deliver fine-tuned, engaging, and time-tested content to Squid Academy subscribers

The Platform

A Squid Academy account is equipped with all courses, assessments, resource packs, Affiliate Area & more:

Secure Login/Compact Dashboard – A one-click login with an overview of all courses & their real-time progress bar.

Multi-function Account Management – Track your course progress, overall platform stats, affiliate income & more.

Focus Mode Learning – Go all in with focus mode at Squid – turn off all distractions, turn on closed captions & complete all assessments to get your well-deserved certificate at the end!

The Subscription Model:

Students can join the Academy in 3 different tiers:

Tier 1 – Starter Plan

Costs $29.95 & includes: 

  • 7 Pro Courses (Worth $700) 
  • Over 50 Hours of Content

Tier 2 – Premium Plan

Costs $99.50 & includes:

  • Everything in the Starter Plan+
  • 7 Deep Dive Courses (Worth $5,000)
  • Additional 100+ Horse of Content
  • 25% Commission On Referrals

Tier 3 – Elite Plan

Costs $199.50 & includes:

  • Everything in the Premium Plan+
  • 7 Deep Dive Pro Courses (Worth $5,000)
  • Additional 100+ Horse of Content
  • 50% Commission On Referrals
  • 1 Free Elite Plan
  • Discount Coupons on Partner Sites

Currently Sold On

NOTE: All plans include Lifetime Access, No Recurring Payments, Multiple-choice Assessments for every course & Authorized Certificates Upon Completion of each course.


Yup, There’s More!

The future of the platform is exciting, to say the least, the current set of coaches can and will be expanding as will the platform’s content. Over time renowned influencers, esports teams & brands will be featured as guest coaches on Squid Academy’s roster, who’ll be curating their own knowledge-rich courses. Which opens up to subscribers the opportunity to learn from their unique specialist insights. Future courses much like the current ones will be presented via video/audio by the instructors themselves, with live group/personal coaching sessions are in the works too. 

The industry definitely has the need for the upper echelon of professionals to give back, upskill & guide the next wave of internet personas, teams & brands. This is why it is exciting to see what comes next from Squid Academy; from the instructors, alumni & new contributors. To see how the expandable courses list takes shape & new methods of training/education the platform can deliver.

The most attractive part of Squid Academy’s future is the new faces, emerging brands & orgs we’ll start to see on major social media outlets like Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok & Instagram. We might even spot them on the main stage at global competitions as Competitors or behind the scenes in the media box as Casters. The scope is exhilarating. What a badge of honor Squid Academy can achieve with the latest gen of clout-flexers, taking us through their journey from a Subscriber to a Superstar. 

Well, that’s about it. If this doesn’t want you to finally chase that dream of becoming a professional in esports, I don’t know what will. Squid Academy has got it all for you.

Don’t forget to check out Squid Academy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.