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Warriors’ Draymond Green hilariously roasts Kevin Durant for his ashy legs

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Warriors, Nets

NBA Twitter absolutely erupted on Monday night when a picture went viral of Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant’s ashy-looking ankle that appeared to really need some lotion. KD fired back at the haters, but now his good friend and former Golden State Warriors teammate Draymond Green is also joining in on the roasting.

Just take a look at this:

Absolutely savage. But, I’m sure Durant won’t be that upset because after all, they won two championships together on the Warriors and are very close. Draymond apparently received a picture of KD’s ankle from Bam Adebayo and couldn’t believe it at first. It will be interesting to see how that call goes on Tuesday when Draymond calls the Nets star. Likely, it will result in Durant telling him to kick rocks as well.

Real talk though, it looks like he does need some lotion pretty bad there. That’s such a classic move from NBA Twitter, however. The photo was supposed to be highlighting his sneakers. Instead, the keyboard heroes noticed the dry skin. The Warriors had an off night on Monday, but Durant went to work, dropping 27 points in a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite the haters, KD won’t care. He’s the one balling out on a nightly basis and making millions. A little bit of lotion and everything will be fine.