Warriors news: Stephen Curry is saving the pick-and-roll assault with Kevin Durant for the playoffs
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Stephen Curry is saving the pick-and-roll assault with Kevin Durant for the playoffs

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors have ushered in a new era of NBA basketball thanks to their fast style of play and willingness to effectively shoot the three. They managed to do this even before the arrival of superstar Kevin Durant that further cemented their spot atop the NBA’s elite.

With Curry and Durant now flourishing in the same lineup, the Warriors are capable of scoring in nearly every offensive situation, especially on the pick-and-roll. Although Golden State has proven to be one of the best at running a successful pick-and-roll, Stephen Curry says it is not something they want to get used to doing on every possession, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

“Honestly, if we wanted to, we could run that play every time down the floor and something good would probably happen,” Curry said. “But it’s just not, for regular-season success and how we play, it’s not necessary. But knowing we have that in our back pocket for the playoffs and when things get tight in the fourth quarter, whew. We obviously still need some reps in it. Because we have somewhat of an understanding of the different options that can come out of that, but we haven’t exhausted them all by any stretch of the imagination.”

It would be difficult for any team to defend a pick-and-roll run by these two superstars. With a wide variety of shooters always on the floor for the Warriors, there is a strong chance they would get an open look virtually every time.

The two-time MVP noted how important it is for them not to become one-dimensional, which is hard to believe given how talented this squad is. However, Curry’s comments are indicative of how Golden State continues to look for ways to improve.