Since 2009, Golden State Warriors and NBA fans have indulged in watching Stephen Curry shine on the court. At 34 years old, he just won his fourth NBA Championship and first NBA Finals MVP. Curry shows no signs of slowing down as he prepares for his 13th season in the league.

And, according to ESPN's Kendrick Perkins, he isn't going to for a very long time. The former NBA player predicts that Stephen Curry has roughly eight-to-ten years of prime basketball to play.

“In his prime, I would say another eight to ten years. Look, when I look at Steph Curry, I think of Steph Curry, as far as longevity-wise, could actually be the Tom Brady of the NBA,” Perkins said.

He then went on to explain why Stephen Curry's style of play could allow him to play into his mid-40s.

“Because, when you look at Steph Curry, his game is not reliant on athleticism. He's not a guy that has to dunk the ball. He's not a guy that has to beat you with speed. He's a guy that beats you with craftiness, his skillset, and, most importantly, his shooting. His shooting is not going anywhere no time soon.”

Let's do the math. After 12 seasons in the NBA, Stephen Curry has four championships. If he plays for another ten years, he could easily accumulate three or even four more. At that point, his championship ring collection is going to start to look like Brady's.