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Stephen Curry’s trainer thinks this isn’t time to press the panic button

stephen curry

Following two underwhelming games to start off the series against the Houston Rockets, most fingers pointed to Stephen Curry scoring under 20 points as a reason the Golden State Warriors aren’t up 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals.

Curry struggled to the tune of 2-of-13 from beyond the arc during the first two games, a two-game stint unlike fans had seen in the previous three postseasons altogether.

Yet, his personal trainer, Brandon Payne, knows just what could have been taking a hit on his performance at the offensive end.

“Just how hard he’s having to work defensively is certainly, probably, showing up on the other end just a little bit,” Payne said, according to Karl Buscheck of 95.7 The Game. “But that’s not an excuse.”

“I really think that with the layoff that they have between last night and when they play again this weekend, there will be a lot of time to kind of reflect on everything — what did and didn’t work.”

This long layoff between Wednesday’s game at the Toyota Center and Sunday’s Game 3 at Oracle Arena should re-ignite his shot and give his legs the extra juice he’s needed after being forced to be the primary defender in many of the Rockets double-sword attack of James Harden and Chris Paul.

“I certainly don’t think it’s panic time by any stretch of the imagination,” Payne said. “I know we’ve all got that reaction because of how the game went last night. That’s okay. But it’s certainly not panic time.”

Do you agree with Stephen Curry’s trainer or believe that the Warriors are in real trouble?