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Steve Kerr honors Larry Bird on 63rd birthday

Steve Kerr, Larry Bird

Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Bird celebrated his 63rd birthday on Saturday, and there was no shortage of tributes given in honor of the three-time NBA champion.

One such icon who also sent praises towards Bird’s direction is none other than Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. The three-time champion shot-caller described how he grew up idolizing Bird, despite being a life-long Laker fan himself.

During the 1980’s, there was perhaps, no bigger symbol for the Boston Celtics than Larry Bird, so this is definitely some high praise from an avid supporter of Boston’s fiercest rival. Moreover, Kerr has played alongside and coached some of the best players this sport has ever seen, so surely, this man knows what he’s talking about right here.

Right now, though, we’re pretty sure Kerr would be wishing for a Larry Bird-type of player to grace his current Warriors side. To say that the Dubs are struggling this season would be an understatement at this point.

There’s also no denying that it has been a difficult journey for Kerr himself. He has coached one of the most successful teams in the history of the NBA for the better half of a decade, so to suddenly transform into literally the worst team in the league is definitely a difficult pill to swallow for the renowned coach.

Unfortunately for him, there appears to be very little optimism that his Warriors will be able to turn their season around. Right now, it seems that Kerr will need to get used to life at the very bottom of the food chain.