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Washington Wizards to get new $65 million practice facility

Bradley Beal, John Wall

The Washington Wizards were unable to even get a meeting with Kevin Durant in free agency, but it hasn’t been all bad news this summer. By 2018, the Wizards will have a fancy-new practice facility with a recently approved budget of $65 million.

The Wizards will practice there, the WNBA’s Mystics will play their home games in the arena, and it will also be the home of their D-League affiliate.

The initial budget was $55 million, but Events DC, which serves as the sports authority in the district, decided that an additional $10 million will be necessary to complete the project. The increase was approved.

The arena will house up to 4,200 spectators with split-bowl seating. Max Brown, the chairman of Events DC’s Board of Directors, made a statement on the $10 million addition.

From CSN Mid-Atlantic:

“These additional funds are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders, visitors as well as community members and maintain the original vision for the project – to build a world-capital worthy entertainment destination…

“This project will drive significant economic growth to an area of our city that deserves nothing but the best and that the rest of our city has had for years. It’s time that Ward 8 participates in our economic prosperity.”

Brown makes it clear that this new arena isn’t just about the Wizards; it’s about all of DC. Events outside of the sports world can easily be housed there, allowing it to serve as a hub for all sorts of activities and conventions for one of our nation’s proudest cities.

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